Comfortable Enough to Drive Forever

Your heart will pulse with curiosity when you first sit in the driver's seat and contemplate the time you will spend with the Vitara. You'll indulge in the spacious yet cosy interior that gently surrounds you. And when the engine starts to rev, you'll feel a rising excitement about all the places you want to visit. Already, your heart is running toward the next destination.

Robust Drive Train for a Fun Ride

The engine, transmission, and other components of the drive train work together in unity to provide high performance. The individual components enhance and complement each other for a total integrated performance, sometimes powerful, sometimes sporty. Driving the Vitara is a delight like no other - everyone will want to try it.

1.6-liter petrol engine

With torque performance through all gear from low to high, this engine produces driving on city roads as well as winding lanes. Furthermore, the reduced friction and weight in the engine and associated parts ensure outstanding fuel economy.


NEW 6-speed Automatic Transmission

The fine transmission gear ration control improves the response at low speeds when starting off and climbing, while also lowering engine revolution speed when driving at high speed. Furthermore, the lockup area has been expanded to improve not only acceleration performance but also fuel efficiency and quietness. A new paddle shift has also been introduced.

Enjoy a more Engaged Ride

Regardless of the road surface, the Vitara provides an outstanding grip, no special driving techniques or operations needed starting with the enhanced ALLGRIP 4WD technology, the Vitara;s sophisticated mechanisms make driving a true pleasure whatever the road , the Vitara will handle it with consummate ease.