Style is a benchmark set for many by a few.
An elite few who attain that perfect balance between looks and performance,
between form and function, between elegance and utility.



With my taste for the finer things in life,
I make my own style statement with the Stingray which comes loaded with a stylish array of class defining features.


The thrill of freedom is now on my fingertips each time I turn on the ignition.
The advanced K-series engine with effortless transmission leaves my senses tingling.


With safety features in the Stingray, life is a smooth carefree journey.


Midnight Blue that complements my spirit. Passion Red that mirrors my passion. Glistening Grey that reflects my taste.
Silky Silver for a touch of charm. Superior White that leaves an impression.
An outstanding collection of rich hues chosen to complement my persona leaves me spoilt for choice.
All these colours say everything about me.