Chase Comfort

The energetic lines, flowing curves and exciting play of surfaces make the interior of the Alto K10 wider and sportier.

Chase Performance

*Test Results of Rule 115 CMVR, 1989

With the best of performance, Alto K10 makes sure that you are geared to chase things as and when you want them. At the heart of the Alto K10 is a lightweight, yet powerful 1 Litre K-Next engine.

Acceleration: 0-60 km/h in 5.3 s
Maximum Power of 68 PS @ 6000 rpm

Chase Technology

Auto Gear Shift

The revolutionary Auto Gear Shift is based on an electronic control unit which drives the precision hydraulic actuator to control the clutch engagement and the gear shifting.

Chase Safety

Fog Lamps

The fog lamps give you clarity so that you can always keep your eyes on the target and enjoy even the foggiest of winter mornings.